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Our Sustainability Story

“What’s at stake for the next generation is really a healthy and vibrant planet. If companies like us can all make small changes, both at work and in our Associates’ lives, then we have a much better shot at having a healthy and sustainable planet in the long-term.”

– Clarence Walsh, VP Business Development Group

2030 Future Vision

Large barrel for Plastic Recycling Only

Zero Waste

When our sustainability efforts first launched in earnest almost two decades ago, we began by addressing waste at each of our facilities. Our team performed dumpster dives to examine exactly what was being disposed of that could be diverted from landfills. From there, recycling programs were established at each location, and continued efforts have remained in place to secure LEED Zero Waste certification annually since 2009.

Red Vines Jars are now recyclable

Plastics Reduction

In 2019, American Licorice Company signed the Ellen McArthur Pledge, which states that by 2025, 100% of our packaging will be reusable, recyclable or compostable. “That is obviously a very significant challenge, but we are spending a good amount of time, research and development to make that happen, or at least come as close as possible.” – Tyler Budreau, Packaging Engineer Our current plastics reduction efforts include exploring alternatives for our current plastic Sour Punch Straws trays, a completed conversion of our Red Vines jar from PVC to PET plastic, and investigating recycle-ready or store drop-off materials for various products.


Carbon Offsets

Our efforts to reduce and/or offset our Scope 1 and Scope 2 carbon emissions have evolved over time. In prior years, we had partnered to plant trees in the Garcia Red River Forests in Northern California, and have since partnered with Climate Impact Partners to support a variety of environmental projects across the globe through the purchase of carbon offsets.

Partners for the Planet

The Torie & Howard brand established a partnership with 1% For the Planet in 2022, allowing for 1% of brand revenue to fund environmental non-profits. This partnership allowed us to connect with Rodale Institute, leading regenerative organic farming experts, who are working to better the future of food and planet.

Experts in project development, carbon offsetting and the voluntary carbon market, Climate Impact Partners’ global team of experts delivers the highest quality climate solutions. They are considered carbon offset experts with over 20 years of expertise in the field. American Licorice currently purchases carbon credits through Climate Impact Partners to offset our emissions across our locations, and invest in four global environmental projects that focus on enhancing the health & well-being conditions of communities in the U.S. and abroad.

Climate Impact Partners gas leak reduction project in Bangladesh, India

In order to be more transparent with our consumers about what is and what is not recyclable, we’ve leveraged our partnership with How2Recycle, by including their informative logos across all of our packaging types.