• Customer Pickup Policy
    CUSTOMER PICKUP POLICY In order to promote efficiencies in shipping and for our customers, ALC has established this policy for customers that choose to arrange for their own transportation.


The customer or the carrier must contact the plant to arrange an appointment for all inbound and outbound shipments a minimum of 48 hours before estimated arrival.


All loads and unload times will meet industry standards of two hours to load, and 1 hour unloading, while the trailer may be docked early to ease congestion in the yard, this does not mean loading will begin early. The two hour time begins once the first pallet is loaded on trailer.

Plant Location Loading Hours Scheduling Phone Num.
Union City, CA 2477 Liston Way 7:30am - 4:00pm (510) 240-3009
LaPorte, IN 1914 Happiness Way 24 hrs. (219) 324-1400


The use of “reefer” equipment is not advised because of the load restrictions and the inability to secure the back of the load. Customers who choose to send in “reefer” equipment must accept the potential of reduced product for the total load, furthermore the carrier must adequately secure the load, and accept all responsibility for damage that may occur in transit.


To ensure the quality of the product and safety to both ALC associates and driver, all drivers must follow all PPE requirements and loading procedures. Furthermore, equipment must meet or exceed all FMCSA rules and regulations. All trucks must be swept clean, meeting food industry exceptions for transferring shelf stable non- refrigerated food products. ALC associates shall inspect the truck to ensure all standards are being met. Any trucks exhibiting loose glass, pest activity, metal, and/or other contaminants on the floor or wall, nails sticking out of the floors or walls, or broken floor or wall areas shall be inspected to determine if there could be a potential contamination to the product. Trucks exhibiting odors will be rejected. On LTL (less than truckload) shipments, ALC will not be responsible for any damages to other freight on board, nor odor once the load leaves the facility. Seals will be used on all T/L (truckload) shipments. Any demurrage charges that are applied, due to the truck not meeting the standards set by ALC will be the responsibility of the shipper.In cases where customer wants a truck loaded that does not meet ALC standards, a written confirmation for loading will be sent from customer, which states that ALC is not responsible for damages. Any questions regarding QA (Quality Assurance) please contact 219-324-1400 x 631 in LaPorte, IN and 510-487-5500 x 253 Union City, CA.


All shortages or damages must be marked on the BOL before leaving the ALC facility. Customers who arrange their own transportation assume all responsibility for all damages and shortages once the goods leave the ALC facility. Any claims made for damages or shortages during transit must be filed with the carrier. If needed ALC will provide the customer with the photos showing how the load looked before it leaves our facility.