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Initiatives & Projects

Investing in Eliminating Food Insecurity

Food insecurity disproportionately impacts marginalized communities and is often a contributing factor to health disparities in those communities. The result of interconnected facets of poverty and inequality, food insecurity imperils our communities. The Council’s goal is to remove food insecurity as a barrier to equality by investing with community organizations in LaPorte County and Alameda County whose goals are to reduce hunger. Read more about the organizations we have partnered with below.


Food Insecurity rate in LaPorte County


Food Insecurity rate in Alameda County

Arise & Shine Food and Outreach Centers, NPO

Arise & Shine Food and Outreach Center

Arise and Shine Food and Outreach Center is an family-run 501C3 organization that provides services to underprivileged minority residents in LaPorte County living at or below the poverty line who are struggling to meet basic needs.

The organization was started by LaPorte County natives and is minority owned and operated.

Provide hot meals and a food pantry for families; activities and resources for seniors; and an employment and interview preparation program.

Dedicated to financial transparency and ensuring that they are able to offer multiple resources under one roof to help community members become self-sufficient.

ALC Donation will support the follow:

    • Upgrade their technology room to include 25 computer work stations
    • Fund education and training initiatives
    • Increasing transportation fleet
    • Addressing additional food costs and demands
TCV Food Bank

Tri-City Volunteers Inc.
Food Bank + Mobile Pantry

Founded in 1970 by a group of community members who saw a need for better food security in the tri-cities and “end hunger one nutritious meal at a time”.

Services Fremont, Union City and Newark (68.2 square miles).

Feeding 500+ Families daily, 6 million pounds of food distributed per year, approximately 5 million meals.

Drive thru pantry, mobile pantry, bag lunch program.

Donation will support the purchase of fresh foods and shelf stable items that appeal to diverse tastes of the diverse community in need.

Equitable Election Day

In an effort to encourage voter participation with American Licorice Company associates and community members in LaPorte, Indiana and Union City, California, the Diversity and Inclusion Council launched an initiative to offer company and community support during election seasons.  Our Election season efforts are two-pronged:  provide information and resources and remove potential obstacles to voter participation. The council proposed a plan to the Executive Committee to offer all American Licorice Company associates paid time off on Election Day and to share information about polling locations and Election Day expectations with associates and consumers.

STAND Mentorship Program

The Diversity and Inclusion Council will expand on American Licorice Company’s current community-based efforts, by implementing the STAND (Striving Together Ahead to New Dreams) Mentorship Program which will provide mentoring services to at-risk youth and their families. The mentoring program will utilize a wrap-around strategy including family and parental involvement. Students and their families will be matched with a mentor who will meet with the student regularly in school/virtual or community settings. Families participating in the program will have regular communication with mentors and receive support/services provided through collaborative partners.

The mission of the STAND Mentorship Program is to elevate the quality of life and future outcomes for youth through genuine enduring relationships centered around education, encouragement, and accountability.

The goals of the STAND Mentorship Program are to increase academic achievement, improve relationships at home, and elevate self esteem while reducing the likelihood of juvenile delinquency, truancy, and participation in high-risk behaviors.

The Council plans to launch the mentorship program in LaPorte County in 2021.