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Our Commitment to Pursuing Equality

A Message from Our Leadership

Changing from the bystander effect to bystander intervention is going to require individuals, families, communities and companies to notice certain events as problems and take action to help. It requires having enough conviction to say or do something to make things right. With help from trusted voices and leaders in the community, we will do what we can to make a positive difference for the communities and people that need it most.

– Bwana Clements, Senior Diversity & Inclusion Manager

Our Mission

Who We Are

We are a diverse group of community-minded people dedicated to empowering disenfranchised groups by increasing inclusion and diversity inside and outside ALC and facilitating relationships for lasting change.

What We Do

We will serve as a bridge between American Licorice Company and our local communities by partnering and sharing resources to support changes we feel are important and align with our shared values. By championing organizations that serve disenfranchised groups we will strive for inclusion and equitable treatment.

How We Do It

Our goal is to be bold changemakers and create the world we envision by living out the PEACE, LOVE & VINES® and EMBRACEYOUR PUNCH® brand purposes. In addition to creating change, we are committed to the long-term relationships and work toward preparing the next generation to have the courage and skills to continue the journey.