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Press Operator Union City, CA

Maintenance – All Around Union City, CA

Maintenance Manager Union City, CA

Production Associate LaPorte, IN


Packaging Engineer LaPorte, IN

Product Innovation Manager LaPorte, IN

Notice: We do not use recruiters for opportunities to work from home. If you are in contact with someone claiming they are recruiting for American Licorice Company, we recommend you do not give them personal information. Please look to this webpage for official job postings.  

Equal Employment Opportunity:
American Licorice Company does not discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, genetic characteristic, or protected veteran status. Decisions for employment are based on principles and guidelines of equal employment opportunity. Rate of pay, promotion, hiring, transfer, and selection for training decisions are in compliance with the laws and regulations of equal employment opportunity. These decisions are based only on qualifications for the position, past job experience and performance, future potential and length of service with the company.

All other personnel actions, such as compensation, layoff, termination, demotion, education assistance, benefits, and social and recreational programs are administered without regard to the above standard discriminatory factors.

This facility is maintained on a non-segregated basis and qualified members of minority groups and females will continue to be afforded equal opportunity.

Our Equal Employment Opportunity policy requires special Affirmative Action attention for women, minorities, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. All department managers and supervisory personnel were made aware of this policy.

If any employee or applicant has reason to believe that the above policy guidelines are not being followed, the Human Resources Manager of this facility should be notified. Additionally, anyone wishing to update their disability status for recognition in our affirmation action program may do so by contacting the Human Resources Manager.